Arabica Lam Dong – Vietnamese premium product

Among all of Vietnam’s finest coffee types, it would be a mistake not to mention Arabica Cau Dat – a coffee type that is loved and adored by many coffee-drinkers around the world.

Overview of Arabica Lam Dong

This type of coffee is one of the finest, best-tasting coffees in Vietnam.

History of Arabica Lam Dong

About 200 years ago, the French brought Arabica to Vietnam and Lam Dong province with its areas such as Cau Dat, Bao Loc, Di Linh, Doc Duong were and are still considered ideal places to grow this Arabica coffee. To this day, Lam Dong is thought by many to be one of Vietnam’s Arabica coffee paradises.


History of Arabica CauDat

Characteristics of Arabica Lam Dong 

The geographical and climatic conditions of Lam Dong (an altitude of 1,600m above sea level and a cold, foggy climate) help the local people produce high-quality, delicious Arabica coffee and confirm its coffee position in the world.

  • Moisture

The standard humidity of Arabica Lam Dong ranges from 11.5%-12.5%, at which point means that coffee beans can preserve their full flavor for a longer time and avoid being moldy if properly stored. 

  • Processing method

Honey or washed coffee processed are two most prioritized methods when it comes to Arabica coffee, which makes the sweetness of the beans stand out more.

  • Taste

Arabica Lam Dong tastes a bit sour and bitter with a charming aroma and a light brown color.

  • Aroma

Since the sweetness of the Arabica coffee can be enhanced through its processing methods, Arabica Lam Dong’s smell is a mixture of fruits, syrup, honey and toast. This element attracts many coffee connoisseurs to try and it is likely that they will become a fan of Arabica Lam Dong after just a few sips. Currently, many famous coffee brands use Arabica Lam Dong as one of their main ingredients.

Ways to preserve and enjoy Arabica Lam Dong

It is important to know how to preserve and enjoy this type of coffee to truly appreciate your coffee journey.

  • To preserve 

Since the aroma of Arabica Lam Dong can fade quickly, it is a must to preserve it in closed jars or sealed bags. Also, it is best to use Arabica Lam Dong with a mouth after roasting for the finest quality.

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How to preserve Arabica CauDat

  • To enjoy

Arabica Lam Dong can be brewed with Espresso to have an amber-brown color and fully enjoy the flavor. Customers can also mix it with Robusta for a thinker, smoother layer.

How Arabica Lam Dong can bring economic profits

By growing and processing one of the most beloved types of coffee around the world, the local people of Lam Dong can benefit greatly from its high prices and rising market demand for Arabica coffee.

  • Price of Arabica Lam Dong 

The price of Arabica Lam Dong often doubles that of Robusta coffee. This means that by exporting this high priced coffee to international markets, Vietnam can gain great profits and thereby, improve the life of local people who produce this coffee. However, for demanding markets like the EU, the Vietnam government needs to give more support to the production of  Arabica Lam Dong.

  • Specialty coffee of Arabica Lam Dong

Arabica Lam Dong is loved and certified with international standards, which confirmed its quality in the global coffee market. This product has the potential to become one of Vietnam’s most competitive products and contributes greatly to the country’s economic development.

Where to buy Arabica Lam Dong

For retails, customers can go to supermarkets, coffee agents and roasteries, or find on e-commerce platforms. 

For buying in bulk, it is preferable to find them in agricultural trade fairs or for prestigious coffee suppliers such as K-Agriculture Factory. This company currently provides some of the best Arabica Lam Dong coffee that can meet the requirements of any coffee-lovers.

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