Founder of K-Agriculture: Brief information

Before getting to know information about Mr. Daniel – the father of K-Agriculture, it is necessary to browse through the company’s developing history.

K-Agriculture: Developing historical milestones

There are 6 remarkable milestones:

  • 1996: Started as a small business trading rice, nuts between China and Vietnam.
  • 2000: Developed new products like cashew nuts and coffee.
  • 2005: The first rice factory in the South and Spices factory in the North of Vietnam.
  • 2010: Having the first order to the USA and Africa.
  • 2012: Developed online platforms to meet foreign demands.
  • 2020: Having a network of 100 countries, focusing on exporting spices, coffee, and rice.


    K-Agriculture development

Founder of K-Agriculture: Getting to know

The company was founded by Mr. Daniel – Nguyen Trong Quy. With in-depth knowledge about agriculture and the ambition to bring Vietnamese agriculture, Mr. Daniel gradually found the road to reach the international market.

To obtain the current success, it is not only Mr. Daniel but also thanks to the support of the whole team behind.

  • R&D Department 

Led by Mr. Cuong Diamond, this team takes responsibility for searching for the source of buyers, giving them the latest products, and applying top-notch equipment in the company.

  • QA Department

Operated under the lead of Mr. Richard Dang, K-Agriculture’s co-founder, the department is about ensuring the best quality products will be sent to buyers. He is a professional in agricultural products, especially in Vietnamese spices like varieties of wholesale cinnamon sticks, cinnamon oil, cinnamon powder,…

  • Sales & Marketing Department

Mrs. Maria Le takes on the duty to control this team, whose mission is to search for potential customers by launching marketing campaigns and optimizing the ranking of the company on online platforms.

Founder of K-Agriculture: Mission and Vision

In the next 10 years, K-Agriculture is aiming to become one of the 10 largest agricultural exporters in Southeast Asia as well as step into the top 100 international agricultural experts with key Vietnamese products such as Coffee, Rice, Spices, and so on.

The founder of K-Agriculture set a vital mission to the company: Bring Vietnamese agricultural products closer to the international markets, from which, Vietnamese farmers’ lives will be better.


K-Agriculture products ready for shipping

To sum up, K-Agriculture has gone through hard times to successfully prove its ever-good quality and huge potential in the future.

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