Japonica rice – A healthy food that is necessary for you

Japonica rice is a famous type of rice existing in our daily meals. Yet, few people know that consuming japonica rice regularly brings about many benefits. In this post, we will provide you with the most common japonica rice health benefits.

Japonica rice: An overview

Japonica is one of the most popular types consumed in the rice market. It has many signature features to be differentiated from others.

A growing area of Japonica rice

Japonica is the second-most grown rice type in Asia. Vietnam Japonica Rice, which is one of the most favorite rice varieties, is typically grown in the Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta is one of the largest deltas in Southeast Asia, the leading area in rice export volume, which accounts for 62.9% of the total natural land area of Vietnam. 

Its advantages for growing rice is fertile soil and a high level of intensive farming

With a strict process to ensure the criteria from sowing to harvesting, Japonica rice when finished milling will be preserved under a closed process, ensuring the world’s top quality

Characteristics of Japonica rice

Japonica rice grains are round, short, and smooth, usually have a milky white color and delicate aroma. Because it contains amylopectin, cooked Japonica rice is usually sweeter, softer, and richer in flavor than other types of rice.

Moreover, as it originates from Japanese rice varieties with high resistance to pests and diseases, there is less use of pesticides or pesticides in the growing process, ensuring the minimum residue of pesticide ingredients in the product. Hence, this type of rice is more favorable for consumers in terms of safety.


Characteristics of Japonica Rice

Japonica rice: Health benefits

Besides such outstanding characteristics mentioned above, Japonica rice has various health benefits. Below are some of japonica rice health benefits.

Japonica rice boosts the immune system

Japonica contains a lot of minerals such as protein and fiber that are good for the body. 

Moreover, the amount of manganese present in Japonica rice is a substance that can enhance the body’s immune system. 

Japonica rice lowers high blood pressure

Japonica helps consumers hold blood sugar levels, helping to regulate blood pressure problems, especially good for those who have high blood pressure, with around 190 calories per 1/2 cup combined with rice nutrients. 

Japonica rice cools off the body

With its distinct characteristics, Japonica rice helps regulate and purify the body’s organs. The body’s cooling when you often ingest Japonica rice has been revealed to chill the liver and contain pathogens in the liver.

Japonica rice can prevent cancer

It has been studied by scientists that selenium available in Japonica rice can effectively lower the risk of cancer.

In short, Japonica rice is very beneficial to human health. Because of this, many people, especially in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese markets, are very fond of this type of rice. The consumer market for japonica rice is increasing day by day, leading to an increase in the economic value of Japonica rice.

Healthy diets to utilize Japonica rice’s health benefits

A healthy diet is a nutritionally complete diet with scientific eating time.

Nowadays,  there are numerous diets applied for many dissimilar purposes such as weight loss, increasing resistance, etc. However, this article will only cite the time and healthy foods needed to be used together to enhance health.

Eating timetable

Do not eat too many meals a day. We will eat just enough with the main meals. Do not skip meals because the stomach will secrete the amount of acid, causing contractions, abdominal pain, and stomach pain often. The recommended time to eat each meal of the day is:

For breakfast: 7:00-8:00

For lunch: 12:00-12:45

For dinner: 18:00-19:00

Healthy food

Besides eating on time, eating healthy food is also essential. Try to eat veggies, fiber-containing foods, supplements, and plenty of fruit in particular. 

Healthy fruits are those prosperous in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A. They help refill energy for the entire body as they retain a natural sweetness that is easy to eat.


Healthy Food

Regular exercise

Regular exercise not only brings physical health benefits such as keeping fit and losing weight, but also mental health benefits. Research shows that people who exercise regularly have a happier and more comfortable mental life than those who do not regularly exercise. 

So don’t neglect the importance of regular exercise.

If you have time to practice, it is best to split the training schedule from 2 to 3 sessions a week. For busy people who do not have much time, only 15-30 minutes a day already makes a positive difference in your health.

To summarize, having a scientific diet and exercise is also extremely necessary along with naturally beneficial Japonica rice, contributing significantly to the improvement of each person’s health.

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