T Place Project – An Exterior Place For Everyone

The T Place Project is all about 3D rendering items for the outside. What motivates us – the rendering artists at K-Render Studio – to work hard every day is the desire to provide a diverse range of client-satisfied renderings.


T PLACE is the name of the initiative, which was inspired by the letter T in the word Trust mixed with the word Place, which indicates lodging. The user’s objectives and desires are plainly expressed in the name.


The definition of T Place


That is, people constantly want to trust and believe in their own home because it is where they return after a long day at work. A substantial house will also shield them from external calamities and provide them with the most complete, pleasant, and comfortable existence possible.
Important factors in the 3D exterior rendering process of T Place

Important factors in the 3D exterior rendering process of T Place

In this part, we will discuss you about the important factors about T Place project


It’s not easy to visualize exterior design. Ambient light may be used to highlight notable things in the interior, while artificial light can be used to create highlights in certain areas of the house. and raise the contrast around the room.


The light of T Place Project

  • All external areas are illuminated by ambient light. The design is re-rendered at night or during the day, depending on the scenario.
  • Although the viewable section of the interior space is relatively modest at the shooting angles, it is the emphasis to create the photo as genuine as possible so that the clients can experience the interior space’s correlation. the beauty of the inside and outside of the building.
  • At K-Render, we don’t just perform the work that’s necessary; depending on the scope of the project and the urgency, we’ll go above and beyond to provide our customers with the greatest 3D rendering exterior design possible.
  • The artists had to reimagine the balcony space of the house for this T PLACE project. Color schemes must be consistent from the front entrance to the sofa sets. The produced image must attain a minimum brightness level because it is an outside setting throughout the day. It’s neither too light.


Following that, each interior feature in the TPLACE external design is given a material and a material representation.

  • The balcony background is built of wood, according to the available design. The painters utilized a brown color scheme, and the wood grain appears to be quite authentic. The wood grain is accurately depicted and free of technical flaws.
  • Aside from that, the trees that surround the flat are a feature. The trees are not in close proximity to one another. As a result, during rendering, animators must focus in order to create a 3D image that accurately depicts the concept.

Camera angle

Because this is an outdoor facility, the angle from the top will be a straight angle. It has the ability to see and feel the entire apartment, as well as the colors and light in the most thorough way possible.


T Place Project – An Exterior Place For Everyone

There are additional horizontal shooting angles to consider. This is a frequent rendering style. In order for viewers to perceive even the tiniest elements in the entire picture properly. The artists have depicted a snapshot of the exterior from the front. From here, we can completely comprehend the creator’s creative goal as well as the artists’ brilliant portrayal abilities.

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K-Render Studio is once again validated by this effort. We strive to provide the finest renderings to our clients at all times.

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