Black Human Hair Extensions: One of the hottest item in market

Black human hair extensions with the classic hue still hold a strong position in the hair industry. Compared to other kinds of hair extensions, this haircut appeals to a wide range of customers and makes it easier for them to match their outfits. Let’s discover together.


Black human hair extensions with natural color

Basic information about black human hair extensions

Here is the crucial and essential information about black human hair extensions if you are newbie to the hair industry or would like to learn more about this hair kind.

The definition of black human hair extensions

  • Black human hair extensions are made from actual human hair, not be bleached and dyed like hair extensions purple, which means they are created entirely of hair donated by women in the nations where they are distributed. Among the common hair extension materials, such as synthetic lines or fabric, this hair supply has the superior level.
  • The majority of human hair is collected in Asian countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia,… It can be provided by ladies who live in rural, hilly places, or it can be donated by useless hair, temple hair…
  • The expenses of human hair extensions black vary as a result of this disparity.

Black human hair extensions definition

Black human hair extensions have a number of distinguishing characteristics

This hair form’s color is primarily the raw hair’s natural color. Because Asian hair is known for its black and smooth appearance, the black human hair extensions take less time to handle. Users of black human hair extensions can profit from a variety of benefits:

  • Longevity: Because black human hair extensions are made of original black material, they don’t require any processing or chemical care. As a result, the product’s strands are thick, full, and smooth. The duration time is about ten months, with the hair remaining in good condition for up to a year and is far longer than dyed products.
  • Excellent flexibility: Black human hair extensions not only come in a variety of kinds and classes, but it also appears in a hue that complements practically all facial shapes and complexion tones. Furthermore, this substance can be used by people of all ages, whether they are early in life or middle-aged.

Black human hair extensions characteristics

Black human hair extensions, on the other hand, have some flaws that customers should be aware of:

  • Do not have a striking appearance: Black is a common hair color that reflects the natural hue of Asian and African hair. As a result, black human hair extensions are regarded as a product for users who desire a secure appearance.
  • Virgin hair is not usually of excellent quality: If you are a fan of hair or a regular user of extensions, you are probably aware that black human hair extensions have a distinct type: virgin hair. This hair kind is formed from the raw hair of a single condor and has a high monetary worth. There are, however, hair salons that sell poor virgin hair extensions manufactured from blended hair.

Where to get black human hair extensions

This product has grown increasingly prevalent and available in a variety of countries as a result of the rapidly growing hair extensions business. If you are looking for information on how to get black human hair extensions, you have come to the right place.

Methods of purchasing black human hair extensions

  • Hair extensions are traditionally purchased from a physical hair store or salon in your area. Because black is such a common and basic hair color, there are usually goods accessible in the shop that you may test on.
  • You can also purchase black human hair extensions from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpres,…. On the web marketplace, there are more possibilities, and those sites can also allow you to communicate with a pleasant logistic service. On Amazon, you can get black human hair extensions from other countries and have them shipped in 10 days.

Amazon online shopping

What is the price of black human hair extensions

  • A black human man hair extensions product on Amazon prices $128.99 for 7 pieces of 100 grams of black hair with a 24 inch length.
  • 5S Hair Factory in VietNam is a unit that sells black human hair extensions on the market for a long time, providing the most competitive price list today. The price is guaranteed with the highest quality ingredients.

5S Hair Factory – black human hair extensions supplier

In short, black human hair extension is a product that is sold in many places and covers most of the countries. Moreover, if you want to import and sell, do not hesitate to contact 5S Hair Factory. This is a company in Vietnam that specializes in providing black human hair extensions with quality and affordable prices. They have been highly appreciated by customers all over the world.

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