Here Are The Best Women Purses From Designer Brands For Fashionistas

If you are wondering which are the best women purses from designer brands, this post is for you.

1. The best women purses will fit your style

Before buying the best women purses, these are some criteria for you to choose.

  • Determine whether your best women purses are new or old, and whether you can bring them to specific activities. Genuine leather is legendary for any use, however canvas is only suitable for picnics and social gatherings.
  • Occasions: When attending a ceremony or celebration, wear opulent attire and bring attractive and make sure they are the best women purses. In other words, if you are attending a small gathering, such as a dinner or cocktail party, simply bring your favorite purse.
  • Types of handbags: There are numerous types of best women purses, including clutch, slouchy, satchel,… Which will you choose for the greatest purses for women?

2. Designed best women purses

Here, we will provide the best women purses that you can add to your wishlist or to your shopping cart.

2.1. Metro Backpack – the best women purse for school

If you are a school girl and is looking for the best women purse, this one’s for you.


Metro Backpack

  • This backpack is the best women purse for school and can be mixed with daily outfit.
  • This is the best women purse that has compartments for your laptop or books, phone, keys along with water bottle on both sides of the backpack.
  • This is the best women purse since it got 4.5 stars rating on Bloomingdales. If you like it, you can grab it for $245.

2.2. T Monogram Jacquard Bucket Bag – the best women purse on Bloomingdales

  • This one is the best women purse on Bloomingdales since it got 4.7 positive reactions from buyers on this site.
  • This is the best women purse that looks alike the bag from Gucci for its elegant Beige shade and the patterns.
  • Sold for $498.

2.3. Dolce & Gabbana – the brand that makes the best women purses

If you are a fan of this brand, this is the best women purse you should not pass.


Dolce & Gabbana

  • This is the best women purse because it is made of polished Black yet still look luxury for its simple design.
  • This is the best women bags who go after the luxurious styles, and it can be used for both daily and at formal events.
  • Sold for $1.495.

2.4. Kate Spade’s best women purse for women officers

  • This is the best women purse for officers for its elegant White shade and design.
  • For its simple design, you can mix it with almost any type of styles.
  • Sold for $348.

2.5. STAUD – the brand that makes the best women purse that is unique

If you are into unique style, this is the best women purse for you.



  • This is the best women purse, or you can call it an underarm bag.
  • This STAUD best women purse has a unique shape with pretty Orange color, and it can carry your phone along with lipsticks, eye shadows or highlighters.
  • Sold for $195 on STAUD’s website.

2.6. Betsey Johnson best women purse

  • This is the best women purse for Betsey’s fan and it fit those who loves leopard patterns.
  • This is the best women’s handbag and purse set to mix with your simple outfits and to bring anywhere.
  • Sold for $108.

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