K-Hair: the best choice of both quality and price for wholesale hair vendors

Recently, not only women but also men have found hair extensions as one alternative choice to cover their natural hair because they have hair problems such as baldness, hair loss or even when they want to look for another hairstyles. With high demand on both quality and price, they tend to give their belief to hair suppliers who can adapt them. is one of the leading hair businesses in Vietnam – a potential market in the hair industry worldwide.

K-Hair is a familiar name among hair suppliers in Vietnam. They are a hair factory collecting and delivering high quality virgin hair to many markets in the world like the US, the UK, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, especially Nigeria, which is the gateway for entering Africa. K-Hair has ranked the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam in 2020 because they exported tons of hair items to other countries. Before gaining this reputation, K-Hair had experienced countless ups and downs with many challenges. Established in 1992 when Vietnam is not so developed as it is today, the founder, Mr. James had to face scarcity in hair sources, labors forces and technology

Some years later, his son, the current chairman of K-Hair, Mr. Daniel came back to Vietnam after 4 years studying at a university in Australia and took up his father’s career. Mr. Daniel step by step set the foundation for his business and made it become well-known to wholesale hair vendors not only in Vietnam but also overseas. Today, K-Hair has established business relationships with about 150 countries in the world and has become an ideal choice for those who want to buy hair in bulk.

As a wholesale hair vendor, you must have heard that Vietnam is in the top list of hair exporting countries in the world, other than China and India. Indian hair is collected from temples where women have their hair shaved to express the gratitude to the God so the hair sources are mixed from many different hair types, which significantly reduces its quality. China partly imports these cheap hair for reselling for profits because in China, they have cheap labours and modern machines. 

So let me explain why you should choose Vietnamese hair. Firstly, as you know, Vietnamese women’s hair is famous for their natural silky and healthy hair. Vietnamese hair sources of Vietnamese hair factory all come from women living in mountainous areas whose weather is extremely cold and less shiny. As a result, their hair is protected from direct sunlight and is not splitted in the ends. Women there also pay much attention to hair care, they never use toxic chemicals to wash their hair but take advantage of herbs like boket, lemongrass and grapefruit oil because they all know that these are the best natural gifts for their hair.

 In comparison, the hair price in K-Hair Vietnam is not as cheap as it is in China and India but with such high quality in every hair item, this price is regarded as a reasonable one.

Secondly, when purchasing hair in the Vietnamese market, you will receive special treatment regardless of whether you are the wholesale hair vendors or individual customers. From the step when you enter their website for concerned products, they have available staff ready to give you best consultancy: which hairstyles fit your face, which hair quality suits to your budget and at which quantity is the best choice for one purchase. They are the staff having profound knowledge about hair and logistics so they can give you useful advice. 

In addition, if you are foreigner wholesalers or customers, you can pay for your products easily because in K-Hair, they accept many payment options like: all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer. As long as your current monetary unit is dollars, you can pay through any channels. 

Last but not least, in Vietnam, they have skillful workers equipped with modern technology. They are laborers who have at least 5 to 7 years of experience in the hair industry so they know how to process hair to give clients the best hair quality. Formerly, when K-Hair  factories didn’t have many machines in hair processing chains, they had to work manually so the productivity was not so high. Today, with the help of tools, productivity increases and they can adapt to large demands in a shorter time than before.

If you want to import hair from K-Hair, you just need to take some steps: first things first, enter the K-Hair website and choose the products you wish in length, texture, color, quality… and send them to Hotline: +84967894448 or contact directly to their staff via Whatsapp number. They will give you consultancy before you make decisions. After that, they will give you the invoice for your orders, you pay and the factories start making. Your status of your hair products are updated day by day by factories. You can make a video call to examine it – only when you deal with K-Hair Factory can you have this privilege. When your orders are finished, we will confirm you and send you so that you will receive them at your local.  

With the motto “Quality is King”, K-Hair Vietnam always put efforts in finding qualified hair sources and applying technology in producing hair so that their hair is doubly assured. You will be satisfied when purchasing hair with them

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